Cherry Workshops April 2019

Cherry OnTop Workshops!

Friday April 19th, 2019

We are very excited to bring back Miss Cherry OnTop, co-director of the Vancouver Burlesque Center, for a pair of sassy & fun workshops! Take one or both!

Shake it to the Ground!, 5pm to 6pm

Come prepared to sweat, bounce, jiggle, pop dat booty and throw down some bad-ass moves with Cherry OnTop. You’ll get a workout using a mash-up of moves borrowed from Hip Hop, Dancehall and Brazilian styles while focusing on hips and the all-mighty ass-ass-ass, with a fierce helping of attitude. We’ll move through a cardio warm-up, stretching, with some heavy focus on isolation work, hits and pops. Expect to grind and whine your way down to the floor in this class for some low-down dirty floor moves, cause that floor ain’t going to love itself! We’ll end this class with some challenging, fun choreography set to bad-ass music from bumping hip-hip to electronic to dancehall. Get ready to get low, get wild, get a little scandalous and a lot fierce!

What to wear or bring: comfortable clothing, barefoot or sneakers, water

Scandalous Striptease, 6:30pm to 8pm

Join Cherry OnTop for a class that was created with the desire that you can take your moves to the stage OR the bedroom when you’re done. Bring your knee pads because we plan on being on the floor and making that floor very happy. Class is built around a choreography that we will break down slowly, so we can safely learn moves and transitions and be able to add a striptease element. We will take our choreo and apply it to different songs, moving through the movement with a different vibe and intention each time. From standing, sensual dance movement, to juicy, luxurious floor work, to peels and reveals – Cherry will give you something to take home and practice for many, many nights to come…

What to wear or bring: comfortable, fitted clothing (the smaller the better!). Please bring an extra pair of panties and a an extra bra plus a button up shirt. Knee pads highly recommended!

Suggested dress code: sports bra and shorts with your extra bra and panties over top plus long, thigh high socks or leg warmers with knee pads

Registration & Pricing

Shake it to the Ground is a maximum of 18 students, Scandalous Striptease is a maximum of 12. To guarantee a space you must pre-book your spot in the class. You can register online with credit card using the link below, or you can send an e-transfer to . With taxes Shake it to the Ground is $26.25, and Scandalous Striptease is $36.75.

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.