Level 2 October 2019

Mondays at 7:30pm starting October 28th

Time to take it up the pole! Once you’ve completed our Level 1 course (or if you have prior pole experience from another studio) you can move on up to Level 2 and work on your climbing skills! We will also learn some more complex static pole spins and transitions, seated aerial poses, as well as a healthy dose of conditioning and strength work to start prepping us for inversions.

Level 2 is a step up from Level 1, definitely more challeging but that just means the rewards are bigger when you finally get those moves! Many students repeat Level 2, in pole dance it just takes time as we’re not used to holding ourselves up by our arms. However, this is the best (and I think most fun) way to develop that upper body and grip strength! If you want to do some extra strength training I suggest also attending the off-pole Conditioning classes on Tuesday nights at 6:15pm, or contacting Angela at Aria Fitness (she also teaches the Conditioning class) for a customized plan you can do at the gym for cross-training.

What to wear/bring

You will need to wear a pair of shorts that leave the upper thigh exposed as you need skin contact for climbing and sitting on the pole. I suggest wearing a pair of sweat pants over top for warm-up, especially in the colder winter months.

Please bring a water bottle, because we love the earth and are doing our part to reduce plastic waste! We have a water filter available for filling/refilling your bottle.

Registration & Pricing

Just like Level 1 we can take a maximum of 10 students per class (2 to a pole). To guarantee a spot in class we do need payment ahead of time. You can either use the form below to register with credit card through MindBody (sorry we are not able to take Visa Debit cards!), or you can send an e-transfer to . With taxes the 6-week course comes to $94.50.

Please make sure to review the cancellation policy before you book. The short version is we need at least 72 hours notice if you need to cancel to be able to issue a refund. We promise it’s not so that Lisa can pay off the mortgage on her beach house, it’s so we can keep the lights on and continue bringing pole dancing fun and community to Nanaimo!

As of right now we are not able to take registrations by phone, but if you are having trouble with MindBody or have any questions about registration please email and our office manager can help you out!

6-week course: $90+GST
1 hour class once per week for 6 weeks

30 Day Memberships:
$99/month + GST – Limited Membership, maximum 12 classes per 30 days
$129/month + GST – Upgraded Membership, maximum 20 classes per 30 days
$149/month + GST – Unlimited Membership, unlimited classes for 30 days