Mikey Workshops

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops with Mikey of Antix Fitness!

We have 3 workshops from powerhouse instructor Mikey of Antix Fitness in California! Check out her Instagram account to see the kinds of acro based pole and chair tricks that she specializes in. Aerial Technique & Conditioning on Sunday is perfect for pole dance instructors, or students who want to take their technique and strength to the next level!

Registration & Pricing

Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 students. To guarantee a space you must pre-book your spot in the class. You can register online with credit card using the link below, or you can send an e-transfer to .

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.

Let’s Get Acro!
Saturday April 13th from 12:30pm – 2:00pm, $75+GST

Let’s perform feats of physical strength, balance, and agility using the pole! This workshop will focus on pole dance fillers that are acrobatic in origin! Acro pole includes the tricks that use the pole AND the floor. These fillers are gymnastics-based elements that include flips, ‘back walkovers/back handsprings’, ‘front walkovers’, valdez, handstands, shoulder stands, forearm/elbow stands, presses, planches, and rolls using the pole! These are our forte and always have new varieties to share with you! It is okay if you don’t have a gymnastics background! The pole makes these elements accessible for ALL when properly using the push/pull, tension, and friction concepts! These elements are great tricks to start a routine and are great crowd- pleasers that display strength (but are often are easier than they appear!). Often many of these tricks were previous aerial elements and are deconstructed to a lower profile. Learning these elements will build confidence on the pole and increase overall skill, thereby becoming aerial quicker. We will start with some crowd-pleasing basics and rapidly build progressions that are technique-driven with thorough explanations!

Acro Pole & Chair
Saturday April 13th from 2:30pm – 4:00pm, $75+GST

One of our most popular classes at Antix! What better combination?! In this workshop, the choreography (modern jazz/contemporary) fuses spins, fillers, acro pole, and acro-chair for a jaw-dropping routine with breathtaking lines! You will learn how to combine the chair and pole for some new twists on some old stuff! It is okay if you don’t have a gymnastics background! The pole makes these elements accessible for all when properly using the push/pull, tension, and friction concepts! In fact, this class functions as a great test to assess proper use leverage simultaneously correcting any issues you could be experiencing on the aerial. If you are a little shaky with acro elements, such as, pole assisted handstands, this class will also help to increase confidence and enhance your overall skills as a dancer! Check out the hashtag #acrochairandpole on Instagram to view previous choreo and tricks!

Level(s): Intermediate – Advanced

Aerial Technique & Conditioning
Sunday April 14th from 12:30pm – 2:30pm, $100+GST

Need to acquire strength, endurance, and better form for increased athleticism on the pole? Then our famous high-paced/high intensity workshop is for you! This is authentic training at its finest! This is accomplished by combining progressive, endurance-building aerial drills and exercises that focus on how integrate smooth/ and expert aerial transitions. You will be introduced to our 4-part aerial system via innovative drills that make training fun, effective, and injury-free- it has been proven over and over!
These drills are specially designed for better inverts, aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, climbing, aerial transitions, and all various types of handsprings! We will work our entire core and upper body! We will employ all handgrips in the book for a well-rounded session! Imperative fundamentals of ballet are also incorporated to create the long and beautiful lines that a pole dancer needs. Proper (lateral) breathing is emphasized for powerful and smooth aerial transitions. The good news is that you will be able to immediately employ these drills for immediate personal and/or studio use.

This workshop is great for instructors who may want to add another class to their studio schedule or help build/assess a clients’ strength during warmups/skill acquiring in current classes! We can’t wait to share these new drills with YOU! And even greater news?! You will receive a hardcopy of this workshop in its entirety! This is a priceless workshop with endless lasting benefits!

Level(s): Intermediate – Advanced
Prerequisite: The Basic Invert & Climb