Fitness should be fun, not a chore! One of the best ways to stay committed to a fitness program is to find something that engages you mentally, creatively, and that consistently provides you with new challenges and skills to learn. Here at Luxe we offer a variety of classes that we feel do just that!

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Many of our classes (especially Pole Foundations & Intro to Pole) do sell out so book as early as possible! Please review our cancellation policy before booking.

Pole Dance

This is an amazing workout: fun, flirty, and guaranteed to challenge your muscles in a whole new way! You’ll work on new skills every week and be amazed at what you can learn to do. Getting fitter and stronger will just be a happy side effect! Start with either our 4-week Intro to Pole series or our Pole Foundations drop-in classes! Once you have the basics down you can move on to Level 1.

4-Week Intro to Pole Series

  • Saturdays at 1:45pm

More info & Registration for Intro to Pole

Pole Foundations (Beginners):

  • Mondays at 6:15pm
  • Saturdays at 12:30pm

More info & Registration for Pole Foundations

Level 1 Pole:
For people with limited pole dance experience, this class is where we learn how to take flight and lift both feet off the ground! We will cover some basic spins, transitions, and floorwork, as well as start conditioning exercises for more advanced pole tricks. An instructor will sign you off when you are ready to move on to Level 2, typically once you are comfortable with your Fireman Spin and Back Hook.

Level 2 Pole:
For those who have completed our Level 1 course or who have taken classes before. In this class we will start learning how to climb and sit on the pole, as well as spins, transitions, and floorwork that require more strength. You will need to wear shorts that leave the upper thigh exposed or that can be rolled up to be able to climb & sit on the pole.

In order to move up to Level 3 and start learning inversions you must be able to climb to the top of the pole.

Level 3 Pole:
For those who have completed the pre-requisites from Level 2 or have equivalent prior experience. Must be able to climb to the top of the pole (11ft) and hold a pole sit. Time to go upside down and start working on our inversions! The tricks and conditioning in this level are a lot more challenging, if you find yourself struggling we suggest taking our Balance & Conditioning class as well to help build up those pole muscles! Please wear shorts that leave the upper thigh exposed or that can be rolled up for this class.

Level 4 Pole:
For those who are comfortable with their inverts from the floor or who have equivalent prior experience. Level 4 students will be working on aerial inverts as well as inverted poses that predominantly use a leg grip, as well as introducing split grips both inverted and right-side up.

Aerial Pole:
This is our most advanced pole dance class. You must be comfortable with: leg & full body switches, butterfly & extended butterfly, shoulder mount, superman, and brass monkey hold.

Pole Goals:
This class starts with a group warm-up, and then you get to work on any trick or combo of your choosing. Please bring something with you to class to work on, otherwise your instructor might assign you conditioning work! It’s recommended that you be in our Level 2 class or higher to attend.

Exotic Dance Foundations:
For people with absolutely no experience. You do not need to have attended our Pole Foundations to start attending Exotic Dance foundations! This is a drop-in style class with lots of conditioning work, it is a workout as well as a dance class! Lots of floorwork, so please bring kneepads (the soft kind for playing volleyball) or leg-warmers, and a pair of heels or socks.

Exotic Dance Level 1:
Must have sign off from an instructor from both Pole Foundations and Exotic Dance Foundations to attend. In Exotic Dance the emphasis is on dance steps, transitions, and floorwork inspired by exotic dance style. Each week we will learn a short choreography as well as work on developing freestyle skills. Heels are optional, kneepads (the soft ones used in volleyball) recommended.

Exotic Dance Level 2:
Not equivalent to Pole Level 2! Carrying on from Exotic Dance Level 1, you should be comfortable with inversions to attend this class. Pole dance heels are recommended, but not required. We recommend ordering Pleaser brand shoes from Free shipping and no extra customs fees!

Dance & Fitness Classes

Active Stretch
Working on increasing our flexibility, especially our active flexibility! This is not a passive stretching class, your muscles will be working. We will be doing strengthening work and using a variety of stretching techniques to take our legs higher, back bends deeper, and get those splits! All levels of flexibility are welcome to attend this class.

Balance & Conditioning:
Pole dancing is a fantastic form of exercise! However it tends to focus a lot on the upper body, and as much as we try to train both sides of our body you are always going to have your ‘favourite’ side that you prefer to do your pole work on. This can leave our bodies a little out of whack! In this class we’ll focus on restoring that balance, as well as preventing injuries and bringing up our cardio endurance so that we can pole with ease! Class is done off the pole using our bodyweight and hand weights, no pole experience necessary and open to all levels!

Chair Dance Foundations:
Use the chair as a prop for both conditioning exercises and dance moves! This class does a particularly good job of targeting those core muscles, plus the choreography is always sassy. Drop-in style!

Handbalancing & Bodyweight Training:
Come be a kid again and work on your handstands, somersaults, and cartwheels! Gymnastic elements are excellent cross training for pole, can be added to the floorwork portion of a pole routine, and is a fantastic full body workout. This class is open to all levels, progressive exercises will be provided for beginners.

How to Register

We use MindBody Online to manage our class bookings, as we can take a maximum of 8 – 10 students per pole class you must pre-book a spot to ensure you get a space. Drop-ins are only available if there is enough space in the class that day. You can book and pay for classes by:

    • Downloading the MindBody app onto your smartphone using the button above. You can book and pay online through the app using a credit card.
    • Clicking the ‘Schedule’ link in the menu bar to book online, you can use a credit card to pay online through MindBody.
    • Sending an e-transfer to , please send us an email to let us know which classes you are registering for.

Pole Dance & Fitness Classes

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