Pole Foundations

Pole Foundations Nov/Dec 2019

Saturdays at 11:00am

This is a beginner level class that starts from the very basics. If you’ve never been on a pole before, never taken a dance class, and/or the only marathon you’ve ever completed is of the Netflix variety then this is exactly where you need to be! Each class is a little different and it runs drop-in style, there is no start and end date so feel free to come to class whenever you can!

For the rest of 2019 we just have the Saturday morning class, but in January 2020 we’ll be adding more dates & times. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep on top of all our announcements!

What to wear/bring

Wear anything you can move comfortably in, if you could do a yoga class in it you can do a pole class in it! Bare feet or clean indoor running shoes are best for beginners! (Don’t worry, if you want to learn to dance in heels you can always come back for our Exotic Dance classes!)

Please bring a water bottle, because we love the earth and are doing our part to reduce plastic waste! We have a water filter available for filling/refilling your bottle.

Super, Crazy Important: Please make sure not to have any oils or lotions on your hands before coming to class. Trying to hold onto a pole with slippery hands is the opposite of fun, and pole class is supposed to be fun!

Registration & Pricing

We’re a boutique dance & fitness studio (that’s marketing-talk for ‘small’!) so space is limited in our classes. We have 5 poles and will take a maximum of 10 students (2 students per pole). If you’re nervous about sharing you can always get a friend to sign up with you, but I find that people who come to pole classes are pretty awesome and make great new friends!

To guarantee a spot in class we do need payment ahead of time. You can either use the form below to register with credit card through MindBody (sorry we are not able to take Visa Debit cards!), or you can send an e-transfer to . With taxes a drop-in comes to $16.80, or if you are super keen to join in with our other classes as well you can purchase a membership for $103.95!

Please make sure to review the cancellation policy before you book. Basically we need at least 72 hours notice if you need to cancel to be able to issue a refund. It’s not so that we can gold plate various things around the studio, we just need to make sure we’ve got operating costs covered as we are a small business that does this mostly for the love of pole dancing!

As of right now we are not able to take registrations by phone, but if you are having trouble with MindBody or have any questions about registration please email and our office manager can help you out!

1 Pole Foundations Class: $16+GST