Trial Class September 2019

Thursday September 5th, 7:30pm

Hey girl, have you always wanted to try out a pole dancing class? Maybe you’ve seen some videos online and thought “Hm, that looks fun!”, or maybe you just want to try something new this summer! This 45 minute trial class will give you a peek into what our Pole Dance courses here at Luxe are like. We’ll go through a dance-based warm up and then learn a few basic spins and transitions on the pole!

This class is designed for total beginners, there are absolutely no dance experience or minimum fitness requirements. We will be starting with the basics! If you love it and want to learn more then we’d be so excited to have you join one of our 6-week beginner courses, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

What to wear/bring

What do you even wear to a pole dancing class?! I’m usually in leggings or shorts and a tank top, but anything that you can move comfortably in is great! A good rule of thumb is if it would work in the yoga studio, it will work for pole class too. We do have A/C in the studio, but it can still get pretty warm in the summer months so make sure you dress accordingly!

Bare feet, or clean indoor running shoes are best for beginners! I know, I mostly got into pole dancing for the amazing shoes too. If you stick with us, we can teach you to dance in them if that’s your goal!

We have cold, filtered water available at the studio but we are working on reducing the amount of plastic we use so please bring your own water bottle!

Super Important: Make sure not to have any oils or lotions on your hands before coming to class (yes, even sunscreen), it makes you a ‘Slippery Susan’ which is no fun when you are learning to pole dance!

Registration & Pricing

We are a boutique fitness/dance studio which means that space is limited! We have 5 poles and will take a maximum of 10 students per pole class. Sharing a pole is actually great as a beginner because you will a) not get dizzy as you get some short breaks and b) make a new friend who is also obviously going to be very cool and interesting since they wanted to try out pole too! Pole friends become best friends!

Due to the limited spots available we can not hold spaces or guarantee a spot without payment. We have a couple of different options for registration, you can register online with credit card (sorry, our processor is a little fickle and can not take Visa Debit cards) using the form below, or you can send an e-transfer to . With taxes the class comes to $15.75.

Since we are a small studio, we don’t have office hours or take registrations/payment by phone (yet!). We are dreaming of a mega-facility one day, but right now we’re a small but passionate team of ladies who love pole and want to share it with you! If you’re having any trouble registering please email , and Shai our awesome manager can help you out!

Before registering please take a look at the cancellation policy. The short version is: we can’t offer refunds within 72 hours of the class. I promise we’re not keeping the money to drink champagne in furs and diamonds, we probably just need it for the hydro bill! 😉

Trial Class: $15+GST
One 45 minute class